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Gateshead Council has a 'core' library service of 12 libraries, a Readers at Home Service, a Mobile Library plus five branch libraries operated by constituted groups of volunteers. You can also access information about our libraries, including our online catalogue, on this website.

Large Print and Talking Books
Each library offers a range of large print books and 'Talking Books' (books on audio cassette, CD and to download). Please contact your local library for further details.

Readers at Home Service
If you are unable to get to a library yourself, you can apply to become a member of our Readers at Home Service. This free service is operated in partnership with RVS, who make a monthly visit to you in your own home with a selection of books or audio books.

The Readers at Home Service can also provide books to sheltered or residential homes to individuals or by "bulk loans" to a "bookcase collection" which is changed monthly.

They also provide a twice-weekly ward round of books to hospital patients in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

If you are interested in applying for the Readers at Home Service, please telephone 0191 433 6415

Computers and Internet Access
Gateshead's libraries have PCs, Scanners and Printers, which library members can use for a small annual fee. As well as offering Microsoft Office and Internet access, all library PCs have a link to System Access to Go screen reading software. Membership of the library is free and if you would like to join the library, please contact your local branch or ring the Central Library on 0191 433 8410 for more information.

Visually Impaired Readers' Group
This group meets in Blaydon Library on the fourth Wednesday afternoon of each month.

Members all share a love of reading, either in Braille or large print, or by listening to Talking Books. At each meeting they discuss the book they have just read and get their next book. If you are interested in joining either group, please contact Claire Elliott on tel. 0191 433 8489. We can assist with transport if necessary.


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