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We have a large collection of Deaf Resources in the Central Library.

We have many titles in both books and BSL DVDs such as:

  • Linguistics of British Sign Language
  • Deaf Culture: Our Way
  • Mother Father Deaf
  • Deaf Sport
  • Deaf Crime Casebook
  • Lipreading: A Guide for Beginners
  • Independence without Sight or Sound
  • Bilingual Education for Deaf Children
  • BSL DVDs for students
    ...and many more

We also have a variety of magazines such as:

  • British Deaf News (BDN)
  • One in Seven
  • NDCS Families Magazine
  • Deaf History Journal
  • Deaf World International Journal

Children's Library

There is a small collection of books for Deaf children and their families in the Children's Library at the Central Library.

Families who have hearing babies can use this collection as it includes titles "My First Signs", "Sign and Singalong Nursery Rhymes", etc. They can use it to teach their babies signs before they develop speech to help communication between parent and child.

Examples of some books which have Deaf characters:

  • Can you hear a rainbow
  • I'm Deaf and It's Okay
  • Jordan has a hearing aid

Do I have to pay?

  • Library membership is free to anyone who lives in the North East
  • You need membership before you can borrow anything. Bring some proof of your name and address, such as a driving licence or current bill, or see our joining instructions page for more information
  • Deaf Resources DVDs are free of charge for one week
  • Books are free for up to three weeks
  • Internet access is available free
  • There are some other things you will need to pay for, i.e. renting films on DVD with subtitles

You can use the Internet at all Gateshead libraries.

To find your local library, see our listing of Gateshead libraries.

Subtitled DVDs
Visit the Sound Gallery for the best in film on DVD, many of which have subtitles.

For further details please contact us by email at


Gateshead Central Library
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