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  • Most users of library computers only browse the worldwide web and don’t save documents. Because of this, users are given only a very small disc allocation. If you see messages at the bottom left of your screen telling you that your disc space is low or full, please tell the staff. We can help you clear out redundant files or increase your disc quota.
  • Any documents that you save (CVs, photos etc) are redirected to a server in the Central Library. This means that documents are only copied across the network while you’re using them, and you see the same documents wherever you log on. Your documents are private and can’t be seen or accessed by other users.
  • To maximise server space, your Downloads folder is not redirected in this way. This means that files that you download may only be saved temporarily on the computer you’re using.
  • As files can be corrupted or deleted accidentally, please keep your own backup of any important documents (on a medium such as a USB Flash Drive – sometimes called a memory stick).
  • Your settings (including SafeSearch, which must be switched on to use search engines) will be saved from one session to the next. You need to set SafeSearch to strict for each site that allows searching (e.g. Google, Bing and YouTube) and it’s slightly different for each site – if you have problems, please ask staff for help.
  • Normally Google Chrome will be set as your default web browser. If this fails to start, you can use Internet Explorer (Version 11) by clicking Start and then typing iexplore.



Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ on Gateshead Council’s Computers and Internet

Public user settings
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