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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is about the public computers available in Gateshead Council - in libraries and other Council buildings.

What programs are available?

All computers have the following software

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Office 2010 - including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher and Access

Can I open, print or edit my own documents on a Council computer?

Yes, but they need to be in a compatible format. The software on the computers can cope with most formats except some documents from Microsoft Works or OpenOffice/LibreOffice. If you have one of these programs, you may need to save your document as Rich Text Format (RTF) before our computers can open it.

Can I use documents or photos from my USB Flash Drive ("Memory Stick") on a Council computer?

Yes. USB Flash Drives will work as long as they don’t need extra software to be installed on the computer.

Can I install a program on a Council computer if it’s free to download?

Sorry, no. This would need Administrator rights on the computer and, for security reasons, we can’t give this to users (danger of viruses etc).

Can I connect my phone or camera to download my photos?

Only if this will work without installing any software. Please see above for the reason.

What if I get a virus?

All public computers in Gateshead have Deep Freeze and antivirus software installed. Deep Freeze will restore the computer to a "clean state" whenever it’s restarted. If in doubt as to what a previous user might have been doing, restart the computer before your session and all of their activity will be wiped.


If you think your USB Flash Drive might have a virus on it, go to McAfee in the Programs menu, choose On-Demand Scan and select your drive for a virus scan. The McAfee antivirus software will scan the drive and give you the option to delete or quarantine any virus infected files that it finds. We highly recommend that you delete any viruses - these can have a serious effect on your data and your personal privacy.



Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ on Gateshead Council’s Computers and Internet

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